My job has changed dramatically with the rise of Amazon

I’ve been working at Macy’s logistics in Secaucus, New Jersey for thirty-eight years. We handle jewelry, watches, and even iPads. We ship them to the stores. And we have a whole department that handles internet customer orders that ships to individual customers all over the United States.

Since Amazon got big, around ten years ago, our work has changed a lot. We used to only service stores. Then, Macy’s logistics opened an online department, and now most workers work there. The company holds morning meetings each day to set productivity goals and review how we did in meeting them.

We used to take time to package each item before it was shipped to an individual customer.

We would tie ribbons on the items we shipped as part of customer service. These days, there’s so much pressure to work fast, we don’t do those things anymore.

The company uses more part-timers, seasonal workers, even temps. When I started, these were all full-time jobs. These jobs are so different today for young people who come looking for work.

Geneva Collins, a longtime warehouse worker at Macy’s logistics in Secaucus, New Jersey.