I was fired in July 2018 while pregnant

I worked for more than four years in the warehouse of the company Eva Activewear, also known as “S & S Activewear”, in Robbinsville, New Jersey. It is a national company that stores and distributes new wholesale clothing to companies that print their logos and designs on clothing before sending it to be sold in stores and online. On the S & S website, you can see the many brands that they work with – Adidas, Calvin Klein, Columbia, French Toast, Fruit of the Loom and others.

Eva/S & S gave us an employees’ benefit book that says they provide fair treatment for workers. But this is not the reality. There are more than 150 workers in the warehouse, mostly immigrant women. There is a lot of turnover. Workers are fired, without a good reason, and others resigned due to poor working conditions.

In the warehouse, many do not have a set schedule. The vast majority earns around $11.50 an hour. The take-home pay is very low.

Because of this, many people do not take the medical plan that the company offers, because if you choose coverage, they deduct $58 from each check. If you pay this $58, maybe you will not have enough money for grocery shopping.

In July of 2018, when I was pregnant, I was fired, after more than four years working there.

It was terrible for me to find myself fired at the time when I needed the security of a job the most. By law, the company was supposed to give me family leave.

I should have the right to return to my job after having my baby. But this is not what happened. Instead, they sent me home with nothing. In the years that I worked there, I saw that other pregnant women were treated badly too. It seems that the company wants to take advantage of the low cost of immigrant workers.

It is sad to see the abuse suffered by warehouse workers in the state of New Jersey at places like the Eva /S & S warehouse in Robbinsville. Warehouse workers need fixed hours, a medical plan at a reasonable cost, and fair wages that enable us to pay the bills. And we need employers to respect our rights.

Veronica Perez, a warehouse worker at Eva Activewear, also known as S & S Activewear.

(Note: this worker asked that her real name not be used, for privacy reasons. Veronica Perez is a pseudonym.)

December 2018