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Report – The Future of the Warehouse State: New Jersey Must Improve Job Quality in Warehouse Distribution Centers

New Jersey’s policymakers and elected officials are urged to take immediate action to pressure warehouse distribution centers to adopt the proposed code of conduct. Where possible, they can use
legislation and economic development policy to require implementation of the code of conduct. Enforcement of the proposed code of conduct by New Jersey’s local and state officials is crucial for improving job quality for warehouse workers and for giving New Jersey’s working families a better future.

About Warehouse Workers Stand Up

Warehouse Workers Stand Up is a diverse coalition of warehouse distribution workers, labor unions, community organizations, and advocacy groups in New Jersey and New York City. We are fighting to improve the lives of warehouse distribution workers in New Jersey. They are a low-wage workforce that is often undervalued and exploited by top on-line retailers like Amazon and national retail and apparel chains operating in New York City. Coalition members include Workers United LDFS Joint Board, New Jersey Communities United, New Jersey Working Families Alliance, and New York Communities for Change.

Fighting for our families

We work very hard for a fast-growing industry. We deserve fair wages with decent benefits. We deserve to have our voices heard. That’s why we are standing together and fighting for a $15 hourly minimum wage for all warehouse workers.

It’s about time that corporations and elected officials listen to underpaid workers. We cannot live on starvation wages. We won’t live on starvation wages any longer. Our families deserve a living wage.