Barnes & Noble

Governor Murphy: Close the Barnes and Noble Warehouse in Monroe Township, NJ (Petition)

Last week, Barnes & Noble workers in Monroe Township protested and demanded the company close this facility for two weeks with full pay to fully sanitize the facility, allow workers to self-quarantine during this closure and implement additional protections upon reopening.

If Barnes & Noble cannot guarantee the safety of its facilities it’s time for elected officials to act.

Five Barnes & Noble workers were diagnosed with coronavirus in New Jersey

(CNN) Employees at the facility received a letter from management Tuesday morning telling them as many as nine of their coworkers are currently suffering from Covid-19 symptoms, according to a spokesman for the Laundry Distribution and Food Service joint board union, which helped organize a planned protest by Barnes & Noble workers Tuesday. Only five of the nine alleged Covid-19 cases have been confirmed by doctors, Barnes & Noble director of communications Alex Ortolani told CNN Business.